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Post-rotatory Visual Fixation and Angular Velocity-specific Vestibular Habituation is Useful in Improving Post-rotatory Vertigo

Kyu-Sung Kim, Young Hyo Kim, Seung Ho Shin, Jeong-Seok Choi, Sangmin Lee, Tae Young Jang

(J Int Adv Otol 2013; 9: 175-179)

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The Dizziness Handicap Inventory and Its Relationship with Vestibular Diseases

Mi Joo Kim, Kyu-Sung Kim, Yeon Hee Joo, Soo Young Park, Gyu Cheol Han

(J Int Adv Otol 2012; 8: 69-77)

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Clinical Evaluation and Early Diagnosis of Streptomycin Ototoxicity

Young Hyo Kim, Hong Lyeol Lee, Kyu-Sung Kim, Hoseok Choi, Jeong Seok Choi, Seung Ho Shin

(J Int Adv Otol 2011; 7: 91-95)

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